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For the longest time, Australia, has continued to ban and censor video games. Many games have had large chunks of content removed since it didn’t get approved by Australia’s regulations. Although Australia now has an 18+ rating system, it is still not properly utilized with many games never making the shelf regardless of said games being released in many other countries around the world.  This has left many fans bitter as they were not able to receive their anticipated video game titles. Gamer's face discrimination by the rating system regularly and the goal of this project is to provide a satirical commentary about the current state of censorship within video games. This project is an interactive unity flash game. The game is a satirical commentary about the issues and implications surrounding video game censorship (sex, censorship and media). The game includes multiple point and click scenarios. In these scenarios, the player clicks on any violent, chaotic objects or situations censoring it with family friendly content. Below is a tech demo of Censorship Patrol. The game in its current stage serves as a technical demo, demonstrating how the game would function as a 2D point and click adventure game. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to incorporate our finalized scenes into the tech demo. This is because the game developer (Daniel Jardine) spent the majority of his time trying to iron out any bugs and problems with the base game in order to create a smooth and refined experience. This was a lengthy process that inevitably meant that we couldn't fully complete the game.
We believe that the format we have chosen is the correct choice for the project's purpose as it provides a more hands-on experience for the player. The goal behind this project is to make the topic of censorship and engaging and enjoyable experience through the use of clever visuals and witty humour. In the finalized game the viewer is able to click on each of these violent/chaotic objects or scenarios in order to censors them (below is the aftermath when everything has been censored) There really is no story to the game. The games purpose is just to provide a clever commentary on the increasing problem of censorship within the media and we all feel as if we hit that mark. It was a unanimous decision to make sure that the overall design and feel of the game, was reminiscent of old Mini clip or New Grounds games (2D, flat and vector based). We did this to create familiarity within are game. The reason why we went for a cartoon approach is because it's easier to make more scenes in a shorter period of time, which in turn, gave us extra time to polish and refine our scenes. Unity was used to create the tech demo of the game. Both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop was used to create all the assets and the overall scenes
Published Jul 07, 2017
StatusIn development
TagsPoint & Click


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